Youth Group


As of this printing, the Youth Group is working hard putting roofs on homes. Hot work in this weather but, even so, they were working faster than expected and managed to run out of shingles at one point! What a bunch of industrious youngsters (and adults). They’ll have a full report for the next Messenger.


Thanks to everyone who buys Weis or Carone’s cards. You are really helping to build up our account so we can go on the mission trip. See Marc or let a Youth Group member know if you want some more!

Church Youth for Hire

Even though the Youth Group already went on their mission trip to Gatlinburg, they still would like to hire out their services. With the expenses of the trip, they will have to rebuild their funds to pay for future plans. They are willing to do yard work, yard maintenance, house work, etc. All they ask is a donation for their efforts. Please call Marc at 868-8028 to schedule them to make your home and yard neat and tidy.

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