Youth Accomplishments

We’ve got some smart cookies on the honor rolls again. Just check this out.

Crestwood High School

Principal’s Honors: Kimmy Bernetski, Kelly Madigan
High Honors: Rachelle Heller
Honors: Autumn Atkinson, Glynis Dean, Devin Stein, Allison Bernetski, Courtney Kania, Alecia Myers

Rice Elementary School

Honors: Michelle Heller


Keegan Farrell was named to the 4th quarter Honor Roll and the 2011-2012 President’s List. In order to qualify for both honors, students must have a cumulative average in all subjects of 85.0, an average of 70.0 or better in each course, no “incompletes”, be enrolled in a complete schedule of courses and have a satisfactory citizenship record. Congratulations, Keegan, on outstanding work.

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