Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

What a wonderful vacation Archie and I had. We totally took it easy. We did go to Ocean City, MD. But we left home two days later than planned and came home a day early. We just did what we wanted to do with no schedule. While there I did have a catch‐up lunch with my friend, Kay in Bethany Beach. The entire week was very relaxing and enjoyable.
Now – the really busy time begins with Palm Sunday which is also my fourth anniversary of being at Emmanuel, then Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (at Christ UMC – Mt. Top) and Easter – sunrise and 10:30. What a time for celebration we will have on the two Sundays. This is a very exciting season.
I just read an article that certain holidays just make people happy, and there’s no denying that when the Easter Bunny is involved people are excited to look for their rewards. Another exciting event I failed to mention earlier is the NCAA Basketball Championship. The teams I wanted to win got knocked out of the tournament one by one and I had to keep picking new teams. First there was VCU then Duke then NC State and then UNC. And now that the final four is in place I just have to chose a team I don’t really care about so I can cheer for a team. If you don’t know who or what I’m writing about or even care, it started me thinking about Easter.
Right here – right now – and all around the world we have the most exciting moment in history to celebrate – the Resurrection of Christ! WOW!! But how many people know Jesus but pick something else because it seems more exciting or because whatever they picked didn’t make them any happier or any richer or anything else. Those things, like spending Easter Sunday playing ball or going to the movies or partying on Saturday night or anything instead of celebrating the love that God showed us when he gave up his son to die for us. Amazing! How lucky we are to be involved in a community of faith that knows the “real” meaning of Easter and knows the reward we get is not a basket full of chocolate bunnies but salvation – eternal life. That’s a gift that no Easter Bunny could ever deliver.
Invite a neighbor or friend who might not know the love to Christ or someone who has forgotten the joy that a relationship with Christ can bring. Encourage them to worship on Easter and every Sunday.
See you soon! God love you!

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