Thank You!

Letters expressing thanks for our continued support are on the bulletin board in the bell tower from Bethany Children’s Home and Phoebe-Devitt Homes. They gratefully acknowledge our monthly donations so that they can continue to support those they serve.
We received a letter from the VA Hospital thanking us for our donation of Valentines. They note that without our support, they could not provide the niceties that make hospitalization more bearable.
Donnie Myers sent a card, posted on the bell tower bulletin board, thanking everyone for their prayers and cards during his recovery from his operation.
Thanks to the Confirmation Class and Youth Group for making supper before our Lenten services on March 14 and 28. Thanks especially to Josh Cronce for saying grace on March 28. These kids really served up delicious food and it’s great to see them volunteering their time and talent.

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