Passion Week Services

On April 5, our Maundy Thursday observance begins with supper at 6:00 pm prepared by Pastor Penny. After supper, we will gather for worship at 7:00 pm and recall the events of that evening as Jesus established the sacrament of Holy Communion at the Last Supper. Pastor Penny will reenact his humble act of washing the feet of his disciples.
Our Community Good Friday service on April 6 will be held at Christ United Methodist Church, Mountain Top, at 12 noon. This day is a true gift from God as he proves beyond the shadow of a doubt how far he is willing to go to reclaim us for his own. Even the agony of death could not stop him as he fought to bring us out of the darkness of sin. Can we accept his gift and all the gory details of Good Friday? Or do we just want to remember the pretty parts on Easter? As with any war, you need to fight the battle in order to celebrate the victory. Come, and witness the strength of will and commitment of spirit which will result in God claiming us as his own – children of the victorious conqueror.


Easter Offering

For many years our church has gathered a special offering for Easter which has been used to support our denomination’s local institutions: Bethany Children’s Home ($1,000), Lancaster Theological Seminary ($1,000) and Phoebe Devitt Homes ($1,000). Any amount over the amount needed to fulfill these gifts is used to offset our offering to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) which we have budgeted at $1,500. Please notice that this is a special offering which is in addition to our regular envelopes which support our General Fund or Building Fund. With that understanding, we hope you will give generously to our church and also to the organizations we support.

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