YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!! That’s what we are saying about our outing the H20ooh Water Park. What a GREAT time. Twelve kids and adults had fun splishing and splashing – just ask anyone who went. Want to get in on the action? Just come to our next meeting on February 12 after the Scouts fellowship time. We’ll be making plans for decorating and serving up a great brunch for Mardi Gras on January 19 after church. Last year’s brunch was really good and we all had fun dishing out the food. We’ve got lots of other stuff to do and plan, too, including our next mission trip.
What are you waiting for? A special invitation?
Well, THIS IS IT!!
I would like to say how proud I am to be associated with the Youth Group. Our outing to H20ooh Water Park was fun. What really made it especially fun for me was the conduct and behavior of our kids. They really represented our church with a positive attitude. I also thank all the chaperones who helped out with this event. I thank all our church members, too, for all your support which makes our events possible.

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