Calling all tweens and teens to join our Youth Group

Come and join us so we can plan bigger and more exciting ways to show what real teen Christians are like!  So, if you’re 10 years old or older, we’ll be looking for you!!  We’d also like some more adults to get involved with us.  Show us what real adult Christians are like!!

The next Youth Group Meeting will be on Sunday, November 6, at 5 pm at the church.  We’ll be discussing lots of stuff like:

  1. Third World Country Living – this is our version of 30-Hour Famine.  We want to plan this with all our new members, too, and get everyone’s ideas.
  2. Cookie Fundraiser – This fundraiser was really good and easy.  We bake cookies and sell them to everyone and anyone.  We’ll discuss the date for this fundraiser at the meeting.
  3. Youth For Hire – We are still looking to help people around their homes/yards.  This idea benefits our group and the people we work for so think of people who might want some extra muscle for fall chores.
  4. Next Outing – We all had a great time at Heller’s Orchard and Council Cup on October 16.  So, what’s next?

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