Operation Shickshinny

There was a spectacular outpouring of generosity and compassion in response to the Scouts’ appeal for donations for the flood victims of Shickshinny.  There’s so much that we take for granted, like that morning cup of coffee or sleeping comfortably in our bed, choosing just the right outfit for today or relaxing in front of the TV.  All these things and more were lost to the people who live in the flood’s path, but through your donations, many will enjoy that cup of coffee, experience a restful night in a comfortable bed, have an assortment of clothes to choose from, and check out the game or their favorite show on TV.  The people of our communities took the appeal to heart, searched high and low, and donated so much that the entire basement of Emmanuel was filled with furniture, clothing, bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, appliances, dishes, glassware, flatware, games, toys, TV’s lamps, videos, books, strollers, stuffed animals, bikes, and all sorts of items.  From the front office reception room, through the nursery, middle room and into the basement kitchen, there was only a path left wide enough to walk through.  When this project started, we expected to have some donations, maybe enough for a couple of pick-up truck loads.  Instead, you donated enough for a couple of tractor-trailers plus a cube (or straight) truck – yes, two trailers and another smaller truck of donations were taken to Shickshinny on the morning of October 8.  Thank you for proving that the spirit of generosity and kindness is alive and well in Mountain Top.

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