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If you notice I’ve changed my font this month.  This one I am using is called Chiller.  It’s a bit “out of sorts” looking and it may even be a challenge to read.  But that’s kinda how I feel today as I write this.  After three weeks of cleaning up after the flood in our Sunbury home and trying to get all I need to get done there and here, I’m just a bit tired.  This coming Sunday is World Communion Sunday and I want to make it special – not that every Sunday is not special.  But it just takes a little more work.  We’ve had a lot of special Sundays this past month and each special service just takes a little more prayer, planning, and preparation.

And the rain continues!  Can you believe it?  Our Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts are doing a wonderful thing in taking on this tremendous job of helping out our brothers and sisters in Shickshinny who had so much devastation from the flood.  There is so much work to do and the scouts and their leaders are right on top of it.  Also, the community has responded nicely bringing lots of house “stuff” to be given away.  Let’s pray lots of prayers for all involved.  They will be needed for continued strength to make it through the trials placed before them.

Let’s not forget the work that we have ahead of us with the Crop Walk this week then the turkey supper followed by feeding VISION the following week.  (If you haven’t taken the opportunity to meet our homeless brothers and fix a meal for them I would encourage you to get involved.)  It is a very rewarding experience.  I am so proud of the work you are doing in the name of God.  We have been blessed this past year with so many good things happening at our church.  Let’s continue the blessing by continuing to bless others.

Archie and I will be going to Branson the first week in November – leaving after worship on Oct. 30.  We will be there with many retired Nazarene pastors and spouses.  The featured singers are a couple that Archie knew when he was on the road years ago.  It should be fun and relaxing.  We are looking forward to a little time away – not that we don’t love you!



God bless y’all!


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