The reviews are in and the consensus is that the concert by SpiriTed was an absolute winner!! Everyone who attended was extremely happy with the music and musing of Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy. They were superb in their talent and uplifting with their monologues and stories. We were fortunate to host such an artistic duo to present God’s word through their gifts of wit and melody. Mr. Cring’s delivery of life’s story, sprinkled with humor, encouraged infectious laughter and a sense of well-being, while Ms. Clazzy’s performance on the oboe and WX-5 Wind Machine was impeccable as her tunes inspired awe at her ability to bring God’s good gifts to fulfillment. For those of us who missed this event, we can only hope that Mr. Cring and Ms. Clazzy will be available to perform for us again in the future.

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