Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

It has really been quite a month for me and my family and I want to thank each of you for being so kind and loving. I appreciate all your cards, gifts, and prayers. We truly would not have made it through without your wonderful support. Thanks to all who showed their support at visitation and the memorial service. And thanks for the wonderful lunch. With all the goodies I took home I didn’t have to cook for days. When I wrote my family and friends in the South about how good everything was I did mention that things were different here. That is – I didn’t even get one piece of fried chicken. But now I appreciate the haluski and the piggies.
When I went to Richmond, I attended church at the Presbyterian Church where I attended up until 1996. It was good to see some old friends. I got lots of hugs which felt mighty good.
I believe I’m getting back on track now. I guess my immune system suffered from the stress and now I have a cold. I’ll get over it soon.
I truly don’t understand how people make it through these tough times without God holding them up. I have felt that love and care through it all. It is also wonderful to have a husband who will pray for me and with me whenever I feel the need. There were times I just had to get quiet and remember that God was there to take care of the family.
We are getting into a very busy season for the church with Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas. I will now be able to immerse myself in those concerns and plans. Forgive me if sometimes my mind wonders –hopefully you will understand. I want to pop right back and do everything but I have begun to believe that emotional exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion. Please continue to pray for me and for our church.
Blessings to you all!

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