To everyone who helped make Son World a wonderful time

THANK YOU!!!!! I am so happy to be a part of VBS with you. I love the way you just take care of whatever needs to be done. I must admit that I really rely on you. You make it so easy to be Director. From the first meeting, through decorating, “doing” VBS for the week, and tear down on the last day – it gets easier for me each year because of you.
Here’s To All Your Help
•The Crew Leaders – Allison, Kimmy, Tyler, Glynis, Hunter and Rachelle
•The Park Leaders –
•Coaster Planet Bible Stories – Janet, Raegan, Beverly
•Wild West General Store Crafts – Chris, Sally, Julie, Theresa
•Doubloon Lagoon Games – Jeff, Jill
•Castle Carousel Snacks – the JOY Ladies (yum!!)
•Williams Tadpoles Pre-K – Ginny, Donna and the pre-K parents
•Our Ticketmaster – Wayne
•Pastor Penny
and especially Judy for being there for me whenever and wherever and keeping me sane (nag, nag, nag☺).

The parents, grandparents and friends who just “stuck around” and got roped into helping out – like rearranging furniture, assembling pre-K crafts, tearing down the decorations, etc.

Everyone who donated so that this program was possible. Your support of our VBS program is greatly appreciated.
As you can see, this is a big job and no one could do it alone. So I sincerely say thank you all. Denise
Thank You
To everyone who has helped keep the office running smoothly while I have been recuperating from injuring my hand, thanks so much. It is good to know that people will pitch in when needed.           Denise

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