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Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Summertime is a great time to enjoy longer days and warm weather, vacations, fun trips to the beach, visiting
with family that we don’t often see. That has been the case for me and for many of you. There are some who seem
to think that summer is a good time to take vacation from church as well. But this has been a busy summer here at
Emmanuel from the 300 Club with the new sidewalk to the pavilion to the mission trip to New Jersey, from Old River
Church to Re-Creation, from repairs on the church to rearranging our office space, and from sub sale to sub sale.
Thanks go out to all those who helped out with all the activities. It’s takes a lot of hard work and dedicated people
to work on all these things. We could use more of those people.
Now Fall is upon us and it’s time to get back to church for those of you who have been vacationing. You should be
well rested and ready to buckle down for the Lord. We begin on Rally Day which is September 7. We need all the
kids here to be involved. We especially need them here for choir practice on Wed. nights at 6:30 so we can increase
our kid’s choir. We have the few faithful and would like to add more faithful. If there is a conflict or someone needs
a ride (if they don’t need a car seat) call me and I will pick them up.
Our children need to develop a firm foundation in Christ and I know that Sunday School is the best way to allow
that to happen. I have such fond memories of my Sunday School days and I know that many of you do as well. The
kids today certainly need the influence of something besides television and movies and ballgames. These things are
great – I watched all the games I could of the Little League World Series and enjoyed every one. I even saw a couple
of coaches pray with the kids but I don’t think they were learning any Bible stories. If you know any kids in your
neighborhood or at school who don’t have a church INVITE them to Sunday School. In a survey on why people bring
children to Sunday School the #1 reason is They were invited.
But it’s time for all of us – not just our children – to get back to church. Church is a wonderful place to
intentionally connect with God and with one another. It’s a place where we hear children’s laughter fill the air. It’s
a place where old friendships are maintained over decades. It’s a place where we make memories. It’s a place
where we participate in something much bigger than ourselves. We do ministry in the name of God and in the
process we are transformed into a family – the body of Christ. This is a special place and we are special people.
I am looking forward to our new year getting started on the 7th of September. I will be praying for everyone as we
begin our Sunday School and Church routine for this year. Let’s be a blessing to one another as we move forward.


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Thank You!

Ethel Fine would like to thank everyone for their cards,
prayers and concerns when she had her hip replacement
surgery. All your well-wishes are very appreciated.
The families of Audrey Grosz would like to thank
everyone who had a part in creating the beautiful area for
the bench dedicated in Audrey’s memory. We are
grateful to those of you who cleared bushes, dug out
roots, leveled ground, raked stones into place, laid the
stepping stones, planted flowers, and did whatever
necessary to make the entrance way the perfect place for
her bench.
Kimmy Bernetski thanks all her church family for her
graduation gift. Her card expressing her appreciation is
on the bulletin board in the bell tower.
TeamEffort sent us a card thanking us as a
congregation for sending our Youth Group to work at
the clean-up effort of Superstorm Sandy. They say that
our group represented us well and commented about
the changes in lives made possible by our youth.
They also sent a card to our Youth Group thanking
them for their great job and encouraging them to be
proud of their accomplishments and keep making a
positive difference in lives they touch.
Re-Creation enjoyed presenting their program here and
thank us for hosting them. They are grateful to
everyone who made the arrangements for the program
and their meal.

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The Twilighters will meet on Wednesday, September 10,
at 12 noon for a covered dish lunch. Bring your favorite
dish and spend some time with us. Call Lois Eigenbrod
or Mary Eroh for more information about our group.

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Baby Boom

The recent months have been busy for some families in
our congregation. Just check out these additions:
Jim and Selina Aumick welcomed their daughter Sofie
Marie on June 10. Sofie was 8 pounds and 21 inches.
Congratulations to grandparents Phil and Donna
David and Tessa Horensky became the parents of Paul
Ellis. He was born on September 3 and was 8 pounds
and 20 inches. Congratulations to Dave and Sharon, the
proud grandparents.

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2nd Annual Golf Tournament September 13, 2014

Grab your clubs! We’re heading out to the links for our
2nd Annual Golf Tournament at Sand Springs Country
Club in Drums. This is a 4-player scramble, Captain and
Crew, with a shotgun start at 8:00 am. There will be hot
dogs at the turn for lunch and an Italian Buffet Dinner
with raffle, awards and prizes after the tournament. The
cost to play is $75 per person, $300 per team. Nonplayers
can enjoy a day on the course for $30 and
accompany the golfers to the dinner and awards banquet.
Registration Forms are on the table in the Narthex with
September 1 as the deadline to register (golfer or nongolfer),
or until the field is full. If you would like more
information, please see Donnie Myers (570-371-2037) or
Nelson Horwath (570-868-3013), or call the church
office at 570-868-5675.

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Hand-stitched Quilt Raffle

A special raffle will be held at the end of the evening at
our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament on September 13,
2014. A hand-stitched quilt has been donated as a
unique prize. In shades of cream to deep grey, the
individually-pieced, star-patterned quilt will compliment
many décor. It is 92” by 92” to fit a queen size bed.
You do not have to be present to win. Tickets are $2.00
each or $5.00 for three. Please call Denise at the church
office (570-868-5675) if you would like to purchase
tickets or need additional information.

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Our choirs are practicing on Wednesday evenings to
prepare for Rally Day on September 7 One of the songs
is written for children and adult voices. I would love
to have plenty of singers for both parts. It’s a fun song
that most of us already know (This Little Light of
Mine), just with a little twist to make it even more fun.
Please join us at 6:30 for Kids Choir and 7:00 for
Chancel Choir. I know there’s some wonderful voices
in our congregation and hope you will want to be part of
our choirs!

Denise, Dwain, Brad and Jennis

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Our first meeting went really well. We discussed
different ideas that we would like to pursue and
decided to meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 pm. That makes are next meetings on
September 9  and 23. Currently, we are working on the
school bags for the VBS Mission Project. The children
collected all sorts of items for the CWS School Kits
during Vacation Bible School, but need the fabric
“backpacks” to put the stuff in. We have the material
and Diana Decker has a portable sewing machine that
she brings. Anyone who will cut out patterns, turn the
fabric handles right-side-out, and provide the extra
hands needed to complete these bags is welcome to
help out. Plus, we’ll be discussing other projects for
the upcoming holidays.

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Gift Card Fundraiser

In addition to the Weis and Carone’s cards we are currently
purchasing to support the Youth Group, we have another
Gift Card Fundraiser. This is through Great Lakes Scrip
Center and includes tons of cards – from Advance Auto
Parts to Wet Seal (young women’s clothing). There’s gift
cards for everything under the sun. By purchasing the gift
card through Great Lake Scrip, our church earns a
percentage of the sale price. Lists are on the bulletin tables.
Just write in the quantity of the cards you want and give the
list and the amount due to Jim Rinehimer. He will order
them and distribute them as they arrive. If you have any
question, please see Jim. If more lists are needed, please
tell Denise.

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300 Club & Silent Auction Results – June 14, 2014

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with this
fantastic fundraiser. Included with this Messenger is the
report of our profit which was a combined total of
$7,886.02!!! As many of our guests said:

Silent Auction: $2,117.00
300 Club:
300 tickets sold X $35.00 $10,500.00
50/50 drawings: 2 drawings ($153.00 + $156.00) 309.00
Door sales (no ticket) 4 X $15.00 60.00
Food Surplus 73.50
Donations 105.00
Donations from winners 110.00
Total: $11,157.50
Hourly prizes $3,500.00
Ticket Prize 50.00
Floyd Balliet (band) 325.00
Carl Alber (band) 400.00
Small Games License 125.00
Moonwalk Guy (kids entertainment) 255.00
Allen Dennis (food) 267.00
Jim Rinehimer (food) 466.48
Total Expenses for 300 Club $ -5,388.48
Total Profit for 300 Club $5,769.02
Total 300 Club: $5,664.02
Total Silent Auction: +$2,117.00
Grand Total profit: $7,886.02

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Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

We leave for our long-awaited Mission Trip to New Jersey today right after church on June 29. Everyone is excited
to be going to help out the less fortunate. There are nine of us going this year. Please pray for us to be successful
in our efforts to rebuild homes and lives.
There are several events that need your prayers during the next couple of months. First, of course, is the mission
trip. Bible School begins on July 13th as we once again work with Stairville and Faith to serve our children. I know
that the team has been working very hard to pull things together and the kids will be blessed. Old River Church
will be our responsibility on July 20. Let us come out and support this historic landmark – the offerings that are
collected there are divided 50/50 between the Old River Cemetery Association and our Wapwallopen
Ministerium. If not for these funds we would not be able to assist those families in need with food, fuel,
electricity, gas, and other basic necessities needed.
In August on the 10th we can once again enjoy ReCreation perform for us. Please bring your friends and neighbors
out to celebrate with you all these young people do for our veterans. They are a delight! This year they are
coming at 4pm so that no one has to venture forth after dark. Hopefully this will enable more folks to come out. I
know there are lots of family reunions scheduled during July and August so I will be praying that you all have a
wonderful time getting together with family. The Dollar reunion is on August 2-3 in Alabama but I won’t be going
this year – too much to do around Mountain Top. Also toward the end of the month, we will be getting back to
choir practice and rehearsals for Rally Day on the 7th of Sept. Please bring your kids out to enjoy helping in all the
preparations. It could even be more fun than a soccer or baseball game.
From Moments that Matter by Catherine Marshall come this devotional:

Getting to Know God
Romans 10:17 Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
We can scarcely claim God’s promises for ourselves until we know what he has promised
1. The Bible is a series of true stories of God’s dealing with men and women quite like us.
There are pioneers, adventurers, and businessmen. There are the ever-present problems of greed, lust, and
adultery. There is romance and drama. The Bible is never less than frank; it never whitewashes sin. When we
read this book intelligently, we learn how God deals with humankind, what He is like and what we can expect
from Him.

I would dare to suggest that when you go lay out by the pool or in your hammock or just reading a book in you
easy chair – pull out the Bible. There are some fascinating stories there and as Catherine Marshall said – all those
other things.
God bless all this summer!

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Invite everyone you know to Emmanuel UCC to enjoy the music and enthusiasm
of the group, Re-Creation. An inspirational evening of songs and worship is
planned for August 10 at 4 pm. A free will offering will be taken and light
refreshments will be served after the show. For more information, check inside
this issue. Bring your friends and neighbors for a refreshing evening of Christian

Re-Creation SUNDAY, AUGUST 10

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Our Condolences

We offer our sincere condolences to John and JP
Jankowski on the passing of John’s brother, Ed
Jankowski, on June 29, 2014. We pray that God’s
grace and strength will sustain you in your time of
need and sorrow.

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speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. — Ephesians 5:19-20 (NIV)